Chuchoter – Young Adult/Fantasy

None who Whisper shall practice the speech of their native tongue. 

France – the not-so-distant future. Technology is the world’s salvation. Magic is persecuted. Magic-using Chuchoteurs have fled underground to escape the deadly reach of Lord Bennett, who hates and fears magic above all else.

Matthieu St. James is sick and tired of the hatred. He dreams of drowning, longs for it – until Noah, a Chuchoteur, breaks into his house.

Flipside – New Adult/Modern Fantasy

Heads, or tails?

All Mallory has to do is flip a coin, and everything will turn out just the way she wants. And Mallory has never lost a coin toss, never guessed wrong. But sometimes even winners face consequences.

This is Not a Success Story.png
This is Not A Success Story – Creative Non-Fiction/Memoir

Success is subjective.

Straight-A students don’t always know what they’re doing, but hopefully my post-graduation misadventures in the real world will amuse some other, more competent humans.